Glass Reactors classification


Glass Reactors Classification: ? Single Layer Glass Reactor ,Jacketed Glass Reactor, Triple Layer Glass Reactor?


1) Single Layer Glass Reactor : ? ? ? The Glass Reaction vessel will put into Stainless steel Water Oil Heating Bath

The stainless steel heating pipes have built in water oil bath So it will be used for lab Heating


Simply to say that Single Layer Glass Reactor only can be used for heating , stirring , separating ,mixing


2) Double Layer Glass Reactor also called Jacketed Glass Reactor : Simply understanding that this is a jacket volume or Interlayer . ?This Jacketed volume will be as a chamber for heat or cooling circulation . Then this jacket volume will pass those heat or cooling to internal Glass Reaction vessel .

In a word , Jacketed Glass Reactor can be used for Heating , cooling , stirring , separating , mixing


3) ?Triple Layer Glass Reactor : ? There are 2 Jacket volume , one jacket gateway for heating or cooling same as Jacketed glass reactor , The other jacket gateway for vacuum?insulating layer


Among of those Glass Reactors , Jacketed Glass Reactor is?used widely in the market?


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