2L Lab-scale Mini Rotovap

Model: RE-201D

Glass: High borosilicate GG3.3

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The rotating flask continuously covers a large surface area with a thin film which is ideal for rapid heat transfer. Fortuitously, the thin film also ensures uniform heat distribution without local heating. The facility to work the unit under full vacuum further facilitates evaporation at as low temperature as possible. That is to say, both boiling point and residence time are significantly reduced. These features combined, renders rotary film evaporator to be ideally suited for evaporation of heat sensitive material. It is equally successful for evaporation of suspension in crystallization processes, drying of powder / granules etc.

Tech Data


RE-201D RE-301 RE-501
Rotating Flask (L) 1 3 5
Collecting Bottle (L) 0.5 1 3
Vacuum(Mpa) -0.098 -0.098 -0.098
Stirring Speed(RPM) 0-120 0-120 0-99
Temperature Range Room~200℃ Room~200℃ Room~200℃
Stirring Power(W) 30 30 30
Bath Power(KW) 1.5 1.5 2
Tem.Accuracy ±1℃ ±1℃ ±1℃
Supply Voltage(V) 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Size(L*W*HMM) 700*450*920 680*450*920



  1. Strong &Durable Stainless Steel Structure and Rotational Rod( SS304)
  2. High Borosilicate GG3.3 flask with uniform thickness (6-8mm)
  3. Double Coil pipe Condenser
  4. Intelligent Digital Temperature Controller (Actual &Setting Temperature)
  5. AC induction motor
  6. The motor is no brush, and no spark, low noise, adjustable speed of frequency converter
  7. Ex-proof Motor is optional for 10l,20l,30l,50l

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